Yesterday's Testimony - AEG

Yesterday a Dr Earley testified in the case of Michael Jackson's death and the involvement of AEG Live.

It was brought out that Michael was addicted to Demerol.  Michael himself sang about the substance on his Blood on the Dance Floor album and his friend, Elizabeth Taylor even tried helping him with addictions to pain killers like these.

What I want to say is that Michael sang about Demerol in 1997, that was like 12 years prior to his death.  They are trying to paint Michael as a drug addict.  Addicted to drugs, taking multiple kinds and "accidentally" killing himself.  I just want to re-iderate that that was not the case.

I am posting several pictures below that you may not have seen main stream media show.  They do not fall in line with an "accidental overdose".  Accidental overdoses don't mishandle you, abuse you, or poison your system so you lose so much weight and appetite you can't function anymore.

Source:  ABC7 Court News-June 19, 2009

Source:  TeamMichaelJackson.com

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