Purple Party 4 Prince - Celebrating the Purple One's Celebratory Birthday

The "Purple One" is about to join in a celebratory "Purple Party" on the "other side".  His guests include another famous purple lover, Elizabeth Taylor, James Brown, Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Denise Matthews, Prince Jackson (Sr), Princess Diana, Joan Rivers, Matthew Lyzen, Louie Armstrong, Ryan White, a bass percussionist (somehow connected to Little Richard?), Al Jarreau, Mattie (his mother) and father John, Evan and a few others.

Celebrating birthdays is often seen as a "no no" for some religions, but this birthday is special in that all of Prince's wisest counsels have made themselves available to participate in a project to help unite artists for the purpose of uniting the world.

Many of the songs Prince has written have come to him in the form of music from the spheres; from higher places that inspire artists like him and others to write what they do.  Most people might think that writing the words or rhythm to a song would take an enormous amount of energy, but writing, he says, is the easy part.

"Once you have a handle on the song you want to write, the process is organized for you through a myriad of steps and organizational processes that come together all on their own. People that have the gift of music have an inner ear that can hear sounds and vibrations on many different levels.  Keeping your ear on the sound and holding the sound in your brain helps to put it down on paper.  Even great musicians can have road blocks that seem to keep them from writing great songs and producing art. However, most of our music comes from the inspiration from other artists and musicians that keep composing on the other side of the veil."

These are some of the projects Prince is currently working on on the other side of the veil.  The "Purple Party" is to institute other musicians, writers and composers into giving of themselves through inspiration to other artists still on earth.  The continuance of song and melody composes a great deal of importance to people and humans as a whole.  The message they contain, the vibrations that we hear, are all part of a synchronized effort to encapsulate an idea and bring it forth in music. Music is used to inspire, connect and transform our universe.  They are hoping to be able to inspire others on the road to achieving their dreams while bringing meaning to their work.

Hoping to help other people is something that Prince wanted and did do during his lifetime.  Leaving the earth the way he did, left little time for him to achieve some of his greatest work.  The outreach to other artists like himself, could have gone a long way to inspire others in their musical efforts.  Long before Prince was Prince the musician, there was Prince the man.  Humble inside , he says he always felt that music was his only path.  This powerful force inside of him led him to achieve what he did in life.  As souls do live on, the feeling is still there.  Beckoning to him and others to continue this great work.

As some of us may have thought of Prince on this day, may we hold in our hearts the hope for all of humanity to come together in an effort to restore music and art to its original form;  True creativity by the artist, true God centered connection that comes in the form of inspiration and love for one another in an effort to restore peace and brotherhood for all of mankind.  He hopes this day brings as much happiness to you as it does him.  Peace.

Fun facts discovered while Prince is around:

  • He doesn't like to clean toilets.
  • He likes to ask if you know what's in food before you buy it.
  • He can dance like the "Four Tops" to a "T"
  • He calls the music I sometimes listen to "Pop candy"
  • He doesn't like it when I play music too loud and he's trying to talk to me.
  • He likes to inspire others to eat "organic"
  • He liked blackberry wine (which I still have refused to try)
  • He sticks up for women
  • He's very polite
  • He'll lock his lips if he thinks he has annoyed me by saying something about my food (like re-heating it)
  • He's told me details about a plan for a non profit online music site for artists to present their work, but it's not a "record stow"
  • He seems to have been greatly inspired by his parents musical affinities, like jazz and blues music.
  • He is very spiritual and God centered.
  • He sometimes assumes I should know some people he has brought around.  Vanity, for example, accompanies him quite often, but he's only recently told me her real name (Denise).
  • Denise was (is) also very spiritual and God-centered.
  • He sometimes "hears" things and makes comments.  If I think "I'm hungry", he'll say "I'm hungry too, I haven't eaten in over a year."
  • He is sensitive and insightful when it comes to others feelings.
  • And last but not least, he's more concerned about other people's feelings than he is about his own.
When I asked Prince about his birthday and what he might want, he only said that he wants everyone to be happy.  Happiness, joy and love are the traits that bring us closer to one another, and closer to God.  May we all join in the effort to bring peace and joy to the planet by loving one another and inspiring others to do the same.  Thank God for Prince's birthday here on earth and the incredible amount of blessings he has bestowed on us all.

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