A Twin Flame Story - Eight Years After the Death of Michael Jackson

Living these last eight years has brought me to a point in my life when I can no longer be in doubt about the reality of our universe.  From the day that my twin flame soul mate died, I have gone from extreme sadness to extreme anger to extreme love.  If I had the chance to do it all over again, I might try to find a different way to express my feelings.  I might have gone the extra mile in listening to my spirit, instead of listening to other people.

If there is anything that can be done for the death of my twin flame soul mate, it has already been put into motion.  When my twin flame soul mate was murdered by the people who now claim to have cared for him and his legacy, I hoped it might be something that turned out to be untrue.  Yet after years of going through all of the facts, I've found the story to be not only credible, but entirely evil.

It's hard not to become bitter when such people exist on earth.  When you have witnessed them torture someone in life, then continue their ways even after he's gone.  The people who have killed Michael Joseph Jackson, the man, the spiritual being, the musician, continue to this day trying to erase his history, what he stood for and what they did and continue to do to his legacy in death.  They employ people to harass the truth sayers.  They employ people to print false stories and they employ people to cheat and steal all for the benefit of themselves.

Our courts, our politicians, some of our law enforcement officials have all played a part in the demise and destruction of my twin flame soul mate's death.  It is astounding to see just how many people care so little about their soul and so much about their ego and money.  The choices they have made were their own.  They have etched their lives in stone and in stone they will remain.

Someone once said you can never solve a problem with the same mind that started it.  It's hard to understand the mind of a criminal, a crook or a murderer when you don't have that in you to begin with.  In searching for a reason why someone is so hateful toward another person, the fact remains that they have chosen to act from a part of themselves that is not in the light.  Choosing to think and act in ways that are either in accordance with God's law or a personal habit of destruction becomes a choice for every one of us.  As time goes by, those choices will separate us like wheat from the shaft.

I've also heard it said, that God always gives compensation for those things we feel we are without. When my twin flame died, I was almost sure I'd never see or hear from him again.  As only days passed, I felt his spirit come through me like a sweeping wind and experienced his consciousness as lifetimes and lifetimes of his flashed before me.  I believed that to be the end, but it wasn't.

Little by little, he entered my dreams, my meditations, spoke to me by my bedside and even appeared to me in full physical form.  He has been by my side ever since.

In thinking about what to do or say on this day, the anniversary of his death, I couldn't help but feel angry.  I wanted to lash out.  But when I reminded myself that anger will not help me or him, I asked for advice.  The advice I sought was from my twin flame.  Even those in the limelight have them, and sometimes they are placed in the stations of life they are for a reason.  What twin flames have to offer our world is hope, love and light.  It is in every twin flames heart to not only seek unconditional love with their flame, but to give that unconditional love back.  The world is hungry for hope and love, especially in these days.  It is the dark minds of individuals like those who took my flames life, that will eventually try to destroy more and more of what is deemed good on our planet.  It is now more important than ever for us to go within and to be able to connect with God.  To be able to trust ourselves, more than the words and actions of others.  True evil exists.  It acts in ways that affect our thoughts and what we believe.  This means it could be in the news you read and hear, the story someone tells you or the passerby that leaves a horrible comment on your blog or twitter account.

No one can please the individuals that have this seed of darkness already planted within them.  It is not who Michael Jackson was that made the people around him act in the ways they did.  It was their own doing, their own choice, and their own darkness within them.  If I gave you a thought to repeat in your mind, sooner or later you'd begin to believe it.  Whether or not it was true, eventually you'd act upon it.  These thoughts repeating in the heads of some individuals have either been put there by someone or created by themselves.  Sometimes because people feel they are so constantly in lack, the people who they come across that "seem" to have everything irritate them.  It's not the people they lash out at that are the culprits.  It's the people who have the thoughts about themselves being in lack that have the issue.  No matter what you do or what you say or even what you give them, they will continue their pattern.  Abusing and harassing other people because of their own inner dynamic.  You cannot please someone who does not want to be pleased.  Our inner worlds, once created and lived in, are a comfort place for all of us.  Change can only come when the individual who created the destructive habits within, can realize what he or she has done, and can begin to make reparations. Simply put, we should never try to appease or understand an abuser.  It is not a reflection of who we are, but what's inside them.

When I started this blog in 2011, it was an attempt to get the truth out about Michael Jackson's murder.  When I think back to all that has happened, I will remember the rude passerby comments, the lack of support from those whom I felt should join me in my efforts and the countless people who have gone out of their way to hide the truth.  I will never forget the visions of Michael laying on his bed as Tohme Tohme injected him.  I'll never forget the horror of witnessing the slap of Randy Phillips hand.  I'll never forget the way he was spoken to or the way in which he was controlled.  I will never forget how he was stolen from.  I won't forget the stories that were planted about him.  I won't forget the way John Branca and Sony used the media to destroy his career or the way they have tried to cover up what they have done.  I won't forget the fact that they deleted the angel scenes from the You Are Not Alone video.  I won't forget the creation of Susan Elsa, the twin soul of Michael Jackson.  I will not forget how the courts have treated his family even after his death.  I won't forget the individuals who lied on the stand.  I won't forget the prosecuting attorneys or the DA who hid the evidence of Michael Jackson's murder to convict Conrad Murray.  I will not forget their cowardliness. I will not forget that evil acts in the shadow.  I will not forget the attorney general for the State of California nor all of those I reached out to in attempt to achieve justice.  I will never forget the people who have used his name and stepped on stage after he was gone in his name, only for their own time in the spotlight.

I won't forget these things for Michael and I will not forget these things for every other artist who has passed on in the same hands of individuals as these since his death.  My heart has forgiven because I understand where these individuals act from, but my mind and soul will never forget.  It is written inside me, inside them and inside of our universe as an everlasting record that withstands all of time. These are the most grievous lessons I have learned.

I don't write for Michael Jackson fans.  I don't write for entertainment.  What I do write, I offer in truth from myself to others seeking the truth.  As such, on this anniversary, I had to ask what I wanted to offer.  It wasn't a celebratory video, because that would never encompass what's inside.  When asking about what to write, I couldn't even find the words to start.  I'm always told just to write what's in my heart.  So from my heart to yours, I hope that those that are seeking truth, that are seeking their twin flame soul mate, know the most important parts.  That even when your twin flame is taken, God gives your restitution.  You are never alone.

Some twin flames can act as a spirit guide for their flame still on the physical plane.  My flame has acted as a guide, but also a friend, a protector, and so many other things.  He's reminded me that through these years when I had no one to turn to, he was there.  When there was no one to talk to, he was there.  When no one could hold me, he was there.

This gift from God is something that exists for all people.  It is hope and love and the light that shines down on us in the hopes of bringing us back home to the place we were once bright and shiny beings of wholeness.  Our story is one of two people from completely different backgrounds who came together in love no matter where they were in life or in death.  Flames, although they may be in different physical places, never separate within.  It is with eyes towards the heavens and eternity that we find our strength.  Don't let people dim your light.  Don't let them tell you something different than what you know for sure to be true inside of yourself.

I will never forget the first time I heard his voice.  I will never forget the first time I heard him say something no one else knew.  I'll never forget the way I looked for him, not knowing he was the one. I'll never forget the first time our eyes met.  I'll never forget the way everything in the universe lined up just for us to be able to be in the same place.  I'll never forget the guidance we both received to come together.  I'll never forget the silent embrace of our soul.  I'll never forget the way I felt when I heard him sing my name.  I'll never forget Paris.  I'll never forget his friends or the way they stood up for him both here and on the other side. I'll never forget the way he cried out to Elizabeth, when I wouldn't believe he was there.  I'll never forget his constant love that never dimmed.  I'll never forget because these things are etched in my soul.  They will withstand the test of time for all of eternity.  

For the man he was and the being that he will always be, in remembrance of his time on earth, I'll remember the way he changed the world.  Through his song, his music, his words, he always went the extra mile to help.  He touched the hearts of millions of people all around the world.  That is something no one can take from him.  His heart was here and now it lives on.  The heart, full of love, never ceases to end.  No man, no criminal, no evil doer can ever take away what has been placed in the heart.  No man, no criminal or evil doer can ever take away the eternity of the soul.  May we all rejoice in that same love God has made available for us all.

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